The Fulani farming system in the south of Burkina Faso: an agro-ecological study in the Tô department (Sissili Province).

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Wageningen, Netherlands: Université Agronomique de Wageningen, Département de la Foresterie

This document presents an analysis of Fulani pastoral farming systems that focuses on how pastoralists use silvopastoral land. It aims to provide the missing knowledge needed to implement the resource management ('gestion des terroirs') approach at village level. In this region the influence of pastoral land use on the environment appears to be less pronounced than that of crop cultivation, even though levels of animal production are reasonable. The carrying capacity of the region has not yet been attained. Current constraints to pastoral land use in the region arise from the encroachment of cropland at the expense of pastoral land, and the increase in animal numbers. To develop sustainable natural resource management at village level that includes Fulani pastoral land use, the key factors appear to be the integration of livestock husbandry and cropland cultivation at household level, agreements between pastoralists and cropland farmers on land tenure and resource management, and support targeting of Fulani households (which have so far been neglected). Specific recommendations are given. (CAB Abstract)

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Land use, Crop production, Farming systems agropastoral systems, Sustainability, Development, Resource management, Burkina Faso, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale
Tropical Resource Management Papers No. 4