Soil conservation decisions and non-farm economic conditions: A study of the rural labor market in the Philippine uplands of Bukidnon

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Los Baños, Philippines: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development


In Chap. 4 the authors hypothesize that non-farm opportunities will reduce family labor input in farm operations even in a relatively remote upland area. This, we hypothesize, will occur because rising wages or earnings opportunities make farm work less remunerative relative to non-farm. Households will respond by cultivating less land, mechanizing some tasks, or shifting to crops or techniques that are less management and laborintensive.



Economic growth, Soil degradation, Soil erosion, Economic impacts, Natural resource management, Environmental law, Rural-rural migration, Land degradation, Economic development, Employment trends, Non-farm employment, Sustainable resource management, Upland communities, Soil conservation techniques, Labor market trends, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance