Restaurant Branding Matters: A Quantitative Report on How Brand Image Can Moderate Relationship [Summary]

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Virginia Tech

This paper investigates the moderating effect of brand image on relationship quality in the chain restaurant industry. The sample of this study was attained from a single local chain restaurant in Peninsular Malaysia. Survey questionnaires were disseminated to respondents using a stratified random sampling method in 16 selected kopitiam outlets. Findings from the 316 customers were examined using the SPSS statistics application and a partial least square technique. The findings provide strong evidence of the moderating effect of brand image on the relationship between patron dining experience (PDE) and relationship quality, where relationship quality in turn affects customer loyalty. Nevertheless, the findings highlighted the importance for service firms, specifically within the chain restaurant industry to look into ways to increase the brand image of the restaurants in order to foster the relationship building approaches with the customers. This study expanded the study on relationship quality by providing empirical evidence on the moderating effect of brand image towards the formation of relationship quality.

brand relationship