Redefining Hospitality Leadership: Kerten CEO Marloes Knippenberg on Management Philosophy and Delivering Organisational Success

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Hospitality Net

Whilst the traditional lodging and restaurant sectors remain the cornerstones of the hospitality world as we know it today, it is undeniable that the emergence of hybrid business models has signicantly impacted the space. One of those 'new players' is Kerten Hospitality - an operating vehicle for creative concepts across the boutique hotel, serviced apartment and food & beverage, as well as coworking and business members club segments. Taking the opportunity to sit down and 'talk shop' with Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, AETHOS explored some key leadership questions. If the hospitality industry is continuously redefining itself, as well as the boundaries of the areas in which it operates, does the same hold true for leaders and their management styles?