Forest Area Rationalization in Indonesia: A Study on The Forest Resource Condition and Policy Reform

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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Aside of the change which occurred in the use of different data sources, forest area in Indonesia is basically susceptible to changes following the process of spatial management and regional autonomy at this moment. Looking at empirical fact, there are at least two driving factors which can cause change in Indonesia's forest area, i.e. juridical factor and dynamic factor. The phenomena of susceptibility of Indonesia's forest area to change mentioned above, gives an indication about many limitations to the claim of state control of the forest area in Indonesia. Thus, the implementation of this study concerning forest area rationalization is quite reasonable.

Payments for environmental services, Forest management, Government policy, Government, Forests, PES, Indonesia, Forest area rationalization, World Bank, Forest rehabilitation, Policy reform, Land cover, Governance
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