Technical note: A low-cost pressure regulator for improving the water distribution uniformity of a microtube-type drip irrigation system

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The use of low cost drip-irrigation systems represents a sustainable, practical and efficient water-saving and water-use technology; however, water distribution tends to be non-uniform, especially under steep slopes. This study sought to address this issue by evaluating the effect of an adjustable valve (AV) pressure regulator on water distribution uniformity. The inexpensive pressure regulator was tested on microtube type drip irrigation systems at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It was found that the AV pressure regulator significantly improved the water distribution uniformity of the low-cost microtube-type drip irrigation system on relatively steep slopes, especially at low pressure heads.

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Irrigation, Sustainable agriculture, Irrigated farming, Drip irrigation, Adjustable valve pressure regulator, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 29(3): 343-349