Economy-wide sources of agricultural expansion in developing countries

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Geneva, Switzerland: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.

This paper examines the environmental problem of deforestation in tropical countries with high levels of persistent poverty. The authors explore reasons why the commencement of development does not cause a decrease in the expansion of agricultural onto fragile land. Pointing to the case study of Thailand, they suggest that changing demands for agricultural productivity and favorable agroclimatic characteristics of frontier lands are significant factors contributing to continued deforestation even when living standards rise. The authors suggest that the creation of off-farm employment opportunities is crucial for making issues of environmental sustainability compatible with rural income growth.

Rural development, Economic growth, Deforestation, Income generation, Sustainable development, Livelihoods, Tropical zones, Poverty, Economic impacts, Conservation incentives, Agricultural colonization, Development and the environment, Tropical deforestation, Thailand, Off-farm employment, Externalities, Governance
Int. J. Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 1(1): 68-76