How important will different types of compensation and reward mechanisms be in shaping poverty & ecosystem services across Africa, Asia & Latin America over the next two decades?

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Nairobi, Kenya: World Agroforestry Centre

The development of Compensation and Rewards for Environmental Services (CRES) will have differential impact on poor resource managers and poor consumers depending upon the characteristics of the resource itself, the financial and other values for different beneficiaries, and the design of payment and market systems. In this early stage of CRES development, there are significant opportunities to shape that development in ways that will have greater benefits for the poor and for poverty reduction. The purpose of this paper is to explore the relative importance of different types of CRES in shaping poverty and ecosystem services across the developing world, as they are likely to evolve over the next two decades. (Excerpt from abstract)

Environmental services, Carbon sequestration, Payments for environmental services, Poverty, Market demand, PES, Compensation and rewards for environmental services (cres), Ecosystem services, Watershed services, Carbon sequestration, Economic demand for ecosystem services, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance
CES Scoping Study Issue Paper No. 5. ICRAF Working Paper No. 40