Advancing global food security: The power of science, trade, and business

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Chicago, IL: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Increased demand for agricultural goods, climate change, and environmental degradation represent current challenges to global food security. This Chicago Council report addresses these hurdles through the perspective of US policy, calling for the US government to lead the way in supporting global food security. Part I summarizes the challenges confronting food security, and presents the solution of agricultural development through sustainable intensification. Part II profiles the Chicago Council’s recommendations for the US government to shape policy for improving food security. Four main recommendations are outlined: Prioritizing food security in development policy, invigorating agricultural research based on sustainable intensification, supporting trade with developing countries, and improving market access.

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Globalization, Agricultural law, Economic growth, Tariffs, Imports, Marketing and trade, Economic policy, International trade, Government policy, Trade barriers, Food security, Food aid, Common trade policy, Agriculture, Exports, Agricultural research, Sustainable intensification, Governance