Agroforestry adoption, innovations and smallholder farmers' motivations in tropical uplands of southern Philippines

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Binhamton, NY: Haworth Press, Inc.


This study, in Claveria, Philippines, used Participatory Rural Appraisal and household surveys to understand what motivates farmers to adopt agroforestry. The four main agroforestry practices adopted were hedgerow intercropping, border planting, parkland systems, and block planting. The system adopted depended on the farmer's motivations. If the farmer's primary motive was to generate additional income, they adopted block planting, border planting, or a parkland system. For soil conservation, farmers prefer hedgerow systems or natural vegetative strips.


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Participatory processes, Conservation agriculture, Soil conservation, Soil fertility, Agroforestry, Community participation, The Philippines, Hedgerow intercropping, Border planting, Parkland system, Block planting, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 28(1): 131-143