Connection limit states design teaching aid

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Virginia Tech


Steel connection design is one area in structural steel design courses that is not always thoroughly addressed. This report attempts to address this area of steel design at a basic level. Its purpose is to be used as a teaching aid for a structural steel design course, and to familiarize students with connection design and its associated strength limit states.

Limit states for steel connection design have been covered using both AISC ASD and LRFD Specifications. However, all included connection design examples used only LRFD limit states. Wherever possible all limit state calculations are accompanied by printouts from a knowledge-based expert system, CONXPRT.

Typical building connection limit states are covered by way of an accompanying steel structure, which includes many of the connections, in order for students to receive an adequate grasp of both simple framing and moment connections. The purpose of this steel "sculpture" is to actively reinforce the students' understanding of the basic building connections seen in industry today.