Inheritance rights: The gendered experience of loss

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Washington, DC: Interagency Gender Working Group, USAID

This is the story of how a Kenyan woman drew attention to the situation of Kenyan women's inheritance rights. Through her personal story, she helped strengthen advocacy projects for women in Kenya. This website highlights the email Angeline Siparo wrote in 2002 after her husband's death, which includes, "Through this experience of losing Billie, I have learnt some things about the gendered experience of loss: Within the Kenyan community - and this is regardless of whether you are luo, luhya, maasai or Kamba - as a woman you own nothing and have no right to property. If and when the woman is economically empowered, this is then used as an excuse that she does not deserve anything more and she can make 'her own money'. I have learnt the difference between having laws in books and enforcement of these laws."

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Women, Gender, Inheritance rights