Range/livestock research activities 1982/1983

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Western Sudan Agricultural Research Project Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

The following sections of this report summarize the activities of the Range/Livestock Section for 1982/1983. Diagnostic and investigative activities, in addition to in-herd and on-range trails are discussed. The focus of research activities has been on identifying the dynamic interrelationships between traditional livestock production systems, i.e., sedentary, transhumant, and nomadic, and their management of the natural resource base; and further, to design appropriate interventions to allow producers to more efficiently utilize their physical and biological resource base to improve their production enterprises. Efforts directed at improving the management and utilization of natural resources are considered essential to achieve long-tern stability in the productivity of both livestock and range resources.

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Natural resource-based enterprise, Livestock, Diagnostic activities, Invetigative activities, In-herd, On-range, Tradition livestock production systems, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Western Sudan Agricultural Research Project Publication No. 29