Fusion Of High-Resolution Laser Profile And Lidar Measurements For Enhanced Condition Assessment

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Accurate data on pavement condition is essential for the maintenance and assessment of road assets. This is commonly obtained using downward-facing laser survey devices operated traffic-speed to provide detailed measurements of the pavement surface. Interest in the use of LIDAR technology to complement such surveys has increased with better accuracy and cost-effectiveness of commercially-available systems. The potential applications of LIDAR systems have been demonstrated by several groups. These mainly focus on its ability to measure assets other than the pavement, as LIDAR is generally not considered to have sufficient accuracy to measure the pavement shape itself. This work undertakes an initial investigation of how LIDAR could be used in pavement assessment by using LIDAR to combine high resolution measurements collected over multiple survey lanes into a single set of data. This commences with the generation of 3D point clouds from all the measurement systems, followed by alignment and combination. The final hybrid 3D data set describes the pavement surface at a level of detail typical of traffic speed condition surveys. Potential applications in the field of pavement surveying include the improved identification of locations likely to affect vehicle handling, and the detection of areas at risk from ponding.

Maintenance, Speed, LIDAR, Pavement surveying