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The forests of Makira, located in the northeast of Madagascar, adjacent to Masoala peninsula and its forests, represent one of the largest remaining contiguous areas of tropical rain forest in Madagascar. They are a tremendously valuable site for biodiversity conservation, carbon retention, and other critical ecosystem services. More than 50% of Madagascar's floral biodiversity can be found in the Greater Makira/Masoala landscape. Among its various terrains and diverse bioclimatic zones, Makira hosts critically endangered animal species, such as the Madagascar serpent eagle and silky sifaka, a lemur known for its rattling calls to warn of aerial predators. The biodiversity level of the Makira-system is expected to be among the highest in the country and, by extension of the world. In addition, the forests of Makira maintain connectivity between Masoala National Park and Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, providing an important genetic corridor between these two protected areas and ensuring the ecological integrity of one of the most diverse and intact areas of Madagascar. In collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Forests and with financial support from Conservation International, WCS efforts in the Makira Conservation Site will protect the biodiversity of and ensure the sustainable use of natural resources in northeastern Madagascar.

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Payments for environmental services, Biodiversity, Tropical zones, Biodiversity conservation, Forest ecosystems, Genetic corridor