Women in the plant world: The significance of women and gender bias for biodiversity conservation

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International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)


The author contends that there is a strong connection between plant management, plant knowledge and conservation. Because women are largely in charge of cooking, managing plants in their home gardens and communal lands, and handling post-harvest activities they have a special knowledge about plants that leads to their inclination for conservation. According to the author, research programs and development planners do not focus enough attention on women's knowledge and often assume that a small sample of men's opinions is appropriate to represent community knowledge. This error proves severely detrimental to plant management and biodiversity conservation, therefore it would be beneficial to consider gender perspectives in plant management research.


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Plants, Biodiversity, Sustainable development, Culture, Soil erosion, Indigenous community, Conservation planning, Gender, Local knowledge, Intellectual property rights, Biodiversity conservation, Gendered space, Home gardening, Access to land, Traditions, Gendered knowledge, Food storage, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Briefing produced for the International Union for Conservation of Nature