Soil carbon: Policy and economics

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Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers


This paper examines the potential for sequestering carbon in agricultural soils. The authors assess the viability of storing carbon in agricultural soils by addressing the costs and repercussions and the numerous policy and economic factors. Implementation, economics, private property rights, agricultural policy, and institutional and social structures are all issues that will determine if this method of carbon sequestration will succeed. The most crucial determinants are the incentive system and the agricultural policies that incorporate carbon sequestration.


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Carbon sequestration, Marketing and trade, Economic policy, Environmental impacts, Soil management, Land use management, Soil, Forestry, Economic impacts, Conservation incentives, Conservation tillage, Soil organic matter, Agriculture, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Private property rights, Agricultural policies, Kyoto Protocol, Greenhouse gases, Emission permit trading, Externalities, Carbon retention, Soil carbon, Sinks, Land conversion, Agriculture subsidies


Climatic Change 51(1): 101-117