Innovations in participatory watershed resource management to conserve tropical biodiveristy


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Los Baños, Philippines: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development


This paper reviews the experience of the Biodiversity Consortium at the Philippine site in conducting research to develop tools and approaches to improve biodiversity conservation with the active involvement of the communities that live near the Mt. Kitanglad Range Nature Park. The following section discusses the global setting of Integrated Conservation Development Projects (ICDP) , highlights some of the key lessons learned so far, and proposes a theoretical framework. The subsequent sections review the SANREM experience in developing methods for achieving conservation with development in the Manupali watershed. The conclusion summarizes the progress observed and remaining limitations. It discusses future directions for integrated conservation-development in this location, and more.



Stakeholders, National parks, Sustainable development, Community management, Tenure system, Payments for environmental services, Soil conservation, Indigenous community, Government policy, Bioreserves, Land tenure, Land use management, Community participation, Conservation strategy, Sustainable agriculture, Park buffer zone, Agroforestry, Tree crops, Watershed management, Intensive farming, Biodiversity conservation, Integrated Conservation Development Projects (ICDPS), The Philippines, Mt kitanglad range nature park, Social contract, Fallow, Contour buffer strips (NVS), Talaandig, Landcare movement, Manupali watershed, Watershed