Teaching module: Gendered space

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Blacksburg, VA: Women in International Development Program, Office of International Research, Education and Development, Virginia Tech

This module is designed to help readers develop an understanding of the concept of gendered space and its relevance within the study of gender, conservation, and the environment. The readings addressed in this module will provide information on gendered resource mapping, female and domestic space in Islamic cultures, and gendered production spaces in agriculture and horticulture. Readers should be able to articulate how gendered space is created, how it is linked to biodiversity, the complexities of gendered access to resources and production, and how women can be affected by transformations in such space.

Women, Gender, Gendered resource mapping, Women's rights, Learning module, Space, Access, Bias, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Teaching module created by the Women in International Development Program in the Office of International Research, Education and Development (OIRED) at Virginia Tech