Get the Facts - Thanksgiving Recovery

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Virginia Tech

Myth: Thanksgiving dinner was so bad that now I must diet and exercise for weeks to catch up. Facts: If you celebrate Thanksgiving, it can sometimes feel more like a binge eating holiday than a giving thanks holiday. Many will sit with family and friends with a plate piled as high as possible, perhaps even competing with others as to who can eat more. Even for the fitness enthusiasts, tracking food and moderation are near impossible. Trust me I understand the attempt to limit yourself on Thanksgiving only to look down at your third serving of mashed potatoes dwindling away while almost automatically reaching for your first piece of pumpkin pie. I am not here to burst your bubble and talk about how bad the food is for you (partially because I don’t want to hear that either). What I do want to talk about is how badly people feel afterwards. There is this idea of a massive debt people are now in because of badly they have eaten. The next few days may consist of extreme exercise, diet, or other ways to make up for how bad you were the Thursday before. This huge jump from the norm makes it impossible to maintain and leads to an inevitable crash of poor habits. I have also seen this give a bad impression of healthy eating and exercise.