“More Hack, Less Yak” an Oral History of the Digital Humanities

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The purpose of this project was to create a short promotional video advocating for the Digital Humanities. The video is intended to not only shed light on the advent of Digital Humanities but also demonstrate to viewers how they could become involved and also add to a chain of videos by Digital Humanities professionals documenting this technology and its benefits to the humanities. We produced this promotional video by interviewing three individuals in the Digital Humanities to whom our contact Purdom Lindblad has introduced us. Upon completion of the interviews, we compiled the footage and produced the promotional video highlighting on the topics that seemed most relevant. The proliferation of Digital technologies has allowed for easier information retrieval and better investigative techniques.

This project includes: * Promotional video for the Digital Humanities. * Edited Interviews of professionals in the Digital Humanities. * Raw videos of Interview footage. * Report on the project. * PowerPoint about the project.
Digital, Oral, Humanities, Video, Digitization, Archieve, Archieves, History, Histories, Videos, Interviews, Jim Glanville, James Glanville, Scott Pennington, MATRIX, Gail McMillan, Digital Archieves, Professor Emeritus