Functional roles of wetlands: a case study of the coastal wetlands of Lagos State, Nigeria

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Grahamstown, South Africa: NISC Pty Ltd

The Coastal Wetland of the study area is used extensively for a large number of activities. It is also threatened because of their vulnerability and attractiveness for development. These therefore prompted a study of the Wetlands for a period of 18 months (July 1997 December 1998) to identify the functional roles that wetlands play in the ecosystem. Desk study, structured questionnaire, market survey and personal interviews were employed in the study. Fish production, agriculture, wildlife habitat, Aesthetic value and ecotourism, water quality and water supply and aquifers were some of the functions associated with the coastal wetlands of the study area. An estimated catch of 19.383.6 ton/ year, worth #52,353,720 was calculated for the study area. It was also observed that placing monetary values on wetlands is the single major reason for their destruction. The study however, revealed that wetland functions have shown that they more than earn their keep and place in the landscape.

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Functions, Wetland, Lagos state, Ecosystem Governance Watershed
Journal of Environmental Extension 4: 8-12