The North Yorkshire Moors upland land management initiative

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The Farms & Rural Community Scheme (F&RCS) will test a "bottom up" approach to identify local social, economic and environmental objectives and action, through liaison the local communities and land managers. This will be a continuous process, building and adapting the scheme as it progresses. An important element of the F&RCS is a locally tailored environmental scheme which has been developed in consultation with local land managers. It includes management agreements for whole holdings which provides guidelines and support for managing sensitive habitats, and assistance with capital works such as wall restoration. Integrated farm appraisals are also available through the F&RCS, which help land managers take a more holistic look at their holding and businesses. Community groups have been established through the scheme. Grants and other forms of assistance have been channelled through these groups to help initiate community projects. With the help of other partners, such as the Rural Community Council, projects are being developed which:

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