Soil development and fertility characteristics of a volcanic slope in Mindanao, the Philippines

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Madison, Wisc.: Soil Science Society of America

This study analyzes thirteen pedons from four geomorphic regions (alluvial terraces, lower footslopes, upper footslopes, mountains) to investigate the relationship between soil development and soil fertility properties. The mountain soils were Utisols and Inceptisols, while the soils of the other three regions were Oxisols. The study assessed the soil components, mineral composition, pH, phosphorus fixation, potassium availability and buffering capacity, cation exchange capacity (CEC), effective cation-exchange capacity (ECEC), and base saturation.

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Soil organic matter, Soil management, Soil, Soil nutrients, Soil fertility, Mindanao, The Philippines, Soil development, Soil properties, Phosphorus (p) fixation, Potassium (k) availability, Cation exchange capacity (CEC), Base saturation (bs), Topography, Soil analysis, Crop production, Oxisols, Utisols, Inceptisols, Alluvial terrace, Lower footslopes, Upper foot slopes, Mountains, Ecosystem Field Scale
Soil Science Society American Journal 63(5): 1258-1273