How do national markets and price policies affect land use at the forest margin? Evidence from the Philippines

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Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin Press

Deforestation, land degradation, and watershed degradation commonly result from expansion of upland agriculture in the developing countries of the tropics. This paper examines the influence of market factors on farmers' decisions by evaluating market integration and the linkages between policy and markets. The authors suggest that if market factors do significantly influence agricultural management choices, market policy instruments may be very effective for addressing upland sustainability issues. Their findings support the efficacy of increased dissemination of information from the national level and policy advocacy.

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Economic growth, Deforestation, Marketing and trade, Cash crops, Economic policy, Tropical zones, Land use management, Intensive farming, Upland agriculture, Land degradation, Watershed degradation, Agricultural expansion, Market integration, Price causation, The Philippines, Dissemination, Policy instruments, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale
Land Economics 77(2): 250-267