Mangrove filtration of anthropogenic nutrients in the Rio Coco Solo, Panama

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The authors analyzed water samples to assess the effectiveness of mangroves in removing nitrogen and phosphorus in a rapidly developing coastal area in Panama. Samples were collected along the Rio Coco Solo upstream of a mangrove forest as well as in the estuary, river mouth, and ocean. Results were compared against what one would expect from simple dilution from ocean water. The authors concluded that nutrients typical of human waste were removed by the mangrove system, confirming the observation of other authors that mangrove forests might serve as part of a low cost sewage treatment system. It should be noted that the study was limited to 26 samples collected in August of 2000.

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Water purification, Water quality, Tropical zones, Coastal ecosystems, Eutrophication, Nitrogen, Phosphate, Ecosystem
Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal 15(2): 131-142