A Visual Text: History of Architecture Catalogue for Hypertext

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Center for Theory and History of Architecture


"This visual text consists of three models designed as a teaching-learning tool for the history and theory of architecture courses currently offered by the Center for Theory and History of Architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech."--Pref. of catalog.

The book is contained in the zip file, which uncompressed is a directory of HTML files, viewable in a web browser.

The videos are in 5 chapters as follows:

Chapter I: History of Architecture (2:42:18)

Chapter II: History and Theory of Urban Form (25:39)

Chapter III: South American Pre-Columbian Architecture (26:59)

Chapter IV: "Eugene Emmanuel Viollet-Le-Duc, Architect Extraordinaire" (17:39)

[Chapter V]: PreHispanic Architecture/North Coast Peru (9:56) [filmed by Abraham Guillen under the direction of Richard P. Schaedel, Lima, Peru, 1954]



History of Architecture