Annual theme report (October 2007 to September 2008) for the environmental impact (SWAT modeling) component of "Agroforestry and Sustainable Vegetable Production in Southeast Asian Watersheds" project

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Los Baños, Philippines: University of the Philippines


The implementation of the Environmental Impact (SWAT Modeling) component of this SANREM CRSP project in year 3 was highlighted by further work on SWAT model development in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. In all three countries, additional input data have been collected over the past year for SWAT modeling purposes. Data Elevation Models (DEMs), land use maps and soil maps have also been prepared in all three countries. In the Philippines, SWAT model has been developed for assessing the hydrologic effects of land use changes. Other SWAT models for small upland watersheds have also been developed and are being refined. In Indonesia and Vietnam, SWAT model development work is underway.



Surface water, Soil conservation, Small-scale farming, GIS, Modeling, Agroforestry, Water quality, Water pollution, SWAT, Modeling, GIS, Environmental impacts, Sediment, Hydrologic effects, Small upland watersheds, VAF, Vegetable agroforestry, Natural resource management, Ecosystem


LTRA-5 Progress Report