Gait Detection in Children with and without Hemiplegia Using Single-Axis Wearable Gyroscopes

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In this work, we develop a novel gait phase detection algorithm based on a hidden Markov model, which uses data from foot-mounted single-axis gyroscopes as input. We explore whether the proposed gait detection algorithm can generate equivalent results as a reference signal provided by force sensitive resistors (FSRs) for typically developing children (TD) and children with hemiplegia (HC). We find that the algorithm faithfully reproduces reference results in terms of high values of sensitivity and specificity with respect to FSR signals. In addition, the algorithm distinguishes between TD and HC and is able to assess the level of gait ability in patients. Finally, we show that the algorithm can be adapted to enable real-time processing with high accuracy. Due to the small, inexpensive nature of gyroscopes utilized in this study and the ease of implementation of the developed algorithm, this work finds application in the on-going development of active orthoses designed for therapy and locomotion in children with gait pathologies.