Holistic management and value chains with a livelihoods perspective: Including and transcending to make a difference

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Gorgonzola (MI), Italy: Global Print

This paper discusses the value of a fused holistic and value chain framework in decision making for farming systems. The irrigated rice-wheat system of the Indo-Gangetic Plain is used to illustrate the Holistic Management and Value Chain (HM-VC) framework approach to decision making. This method tests decisions that affect the whole (including the things that must be created and/or produced to achieve the whole) system to ensure their viability. The HM-VC framework will result in more effective decision-making methods that will lead to livelihoods improvement and poverty reduction.

Rural development, Stakeholders, Social impacts, Conservation agriculture, Sustainable development, Environmental impacts, Economic impacts, Sustainability, Community development, Conservation farming, Holistic management, Value chains, Farm/Enterprise Scale
Paper presented at Farming Systems Design 2007, International Symposium on Methodologies on Integrated Analysis on Farm Production Systems. Donatelli, M., J. Hatfield and A. Rizzoli (eds). Catania (Italy), 10-12 September 2007