Biomorphic Materials: Silicon Carbide Derived from Natural Carbon Precursors

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Virginia Tech Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The recent initiative to cater toward an environmentally efficient lifestyle has put pressure on many industries and practices. However, the success of these green initiatives has not been an easy achievement. During the past decade, scientists and engineers have worked tirelessly to discover a more natural way to process Silicon Carbide (SiC). A new category of materials, called biomorphic materials, has provided insight into how materials can be synthesized from bio-organic materials while retaining similar properties and performance. In comparing SiC with its biomorphic cousin, BioSiC, there are notable similarities and differences in the properties, structure, processing, performance, and environmental concerns between each material discussed in this article.

Materials Science and Engineering
Surbey, W., 2015. Biomorphic Materials: Silicon Carbide Derived from Natural Carbon Precursors. Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research, 5. DOI: