A Workshop Conceptualizing Leadership

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Center for Public Administration & Policy, School of Public & International Affairs, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The purpose of the Virginia Tech Center for Public Administration and Policy (CPAP) Roundtable Series for Leadership and Administration is to bring together the leading scholars, practitioners, students, and others for a stimulating conversation focusing on the exchange of ideas that will advance the knowledge and understanding of leadership in public administration through the sharing of research and experiences. This Roundtable was devoted to a CPAP community effort to strategize and guide our future forums on developing and understanding leadership and administration. Stepping outside the scholar/practitioner format we have followed for the Roundtable, we asked three CPAP doctoral students to lead this Roundtable discussion with specific audience engagement. Round Table guests Susan Maybaumwisniewski, a CPAP Ph.D. student, framed and moderated a discussion with CPAP PhD students Maria DiPasquantonio and Jeff Stern, followed by breakout discussions with CPAP students. These discussions generated a robust set of agenda items and questions that the CPAP community will continue to engage through the Roundtables and other Leadership & Administration events.

public policy