Semi-annual report: Knowledge to action

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Lantapan, Philippines: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)

Summary: Having completed the first objective of the K2A research, the author addresses the second objective which is to develop case study report on the context, mechanisms and outcomes of linking knowledge and action for integrated natural resource management in the Manupali watershed, Lantapan, Bukidnon. Primary data was gathered through interviews with researchers, local government officials, policy makers, extension workers, farmer cooperators and farmers. Secondary data was gathered from documents and reports of various research and development projects implemented in Lantapan. Initial findings show a complex system with overlap between agencies, lack of coordination between agencies and weak linkages between research and extension as well as lack of two-way communication. While the study of vegetable agroforestry is deemed suitable, the transfer of knowledge to the end-user is being impeded by the inefficiencies in the system. Interviews with key informants offer insight into ways of improving communication flow and putting knowledge into action. [summary by record creator]

Participatory processes, Community-based organizations, Associations, Local policy, Government policy
LTRA-5 Semi-annual Progress Report