3D + Time Reconstruction: Designing Optimal Camera Parameters

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Three dimensional plus time reconstructions are an emerging concept in the civil engineering industry. The application possibilities are continuing to develop, resulting in an expansive range of projects. Proper image based modeling should utilize different camera parameters depending on the individual application. Currently, research examining the optimal camera settings for 3D reconstruction quality is limited. Knowing the ideal camera parameters and how each parameter will affect the modeling utilized for image reconstruction settings will improve modeling quality of 3D reconstructions. This paper examines the effective methods for improving reconstruction features based on picture quality. Camera settings tested include depth of field, shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity, resolution, and the number of pictures taken to be utilized in the 3D reconstruction. The variables also incorporate changes in lighting types, as well as material surface reflections. Distinct trends can be identified within the data set with respect to the mentioned variables.



3D Reconstruction Camera Parameters