Determinación de escorrentía y erosion bajo diferentes tipos de cobertura vegetal en la zona de Villa Flores, Tiraque

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Universidad Mayor de San Simón, Facultad de ciencias agrícolas y pecuarias, Dr. Martín Cárdenas


This thesis evaluates soil loss in experimental plots under different management alternatives. Conducted in Tiraque, Bolivia, the research identifies cover crop alternatives associated with different amounts of runoff. Native vegetation, crops grown perpendicular to the slope, crops grown parallel to the slope, and plots utilized for three years were compared with regards to soil run-off and erosion. The greatest erosion was experienced in the plot grown in rows parallel to slope.



Soil conservation, Conservation agriculture, Bolivia, SANREM, Soil erosion, Cover crops, Tiraque, Cobertura vegetal, Escorrentía, Field Scale


Masters Thesis. Tiraque, Bolivia: Universidad Mayor de San Simón