Opportunities for sustainable intensification of agricultural practices to improve crop productivity of small holding farmers in West Africa

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Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP

This presentation provides an overview of the research efforts of the SANREM CRSP's Long-Term Research Activity 8: Improving soil quality and crop productivity through CAPS in West Africa. It outlines the present production constraints on agriculture in West Africa, the potential role of Conservation Agriculture practices, and the research and results of the current program incorporating Conservation Agriculture practices in order to augment economic returns and productivity to rain-fed smallholders while improving soil quality and natural resource use efficiency.

Rainfed agriculture, Conservation agriculture, Soil quality, West Africa, SANREM CRSP, Ghana, Ltra-8
Presented at the International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security: Challenges and Opportunities, Bandung, Indonesia, 27-28 September 2011