A Kinetic Formulation Of 3-Dimensional Quantum Mechanical Harmonic-Oscillator Under A Random Perturbation


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The behavior of a three_dimensional, nonrelativistic, quantum mechanical harmonic oscillator is investigated under the influence of three distinct types of randomly fluctuating potential fields. Specifically, kinetic (or transport) equations are derived for the corresponding stochastic Wigner equation (the exact equation of evolution of the phase_space Wigner distribution density function) and the stochastic Liouville equation (correspondence limit approximation) using two closely related statistical techniques, the first_order smoothing and the long_time Markovian approximations. Several physically important averaged observables are calculated in special cases. In the absence of a deterministic inhomogeneous potential field (randomly perturbed, freely propagating particle), the results reduce to those reported previously by Besieris and Tappert.



Mechanical oscillators, Oscillators, Quantum fluctuations


Besieris, I. M.; Stasiak, W. B.; Tappert, F. D., "A kinetic formulation of 3-dimensional quantum mechanical harmonic-oscillator under a random perturbation," J. Math. Phys. 19, 359 (1978); http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.523679