Development and Applications of Interior Tomography - Multi-source Interior Tomography for Ultrafast Performance

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Conventional tomography allows excellent reconstruction of an object from non-truncated projections. The long-standing interior problem is to reconstruct an interior ROI accurately only from local projection segments. Interior tomography solves the interior problem with practical knowledge such as a known sub-region or a sparsity model using compressive sensing. Advantages of interior tomography include radiation dose reduction (no x-rays go outside an ROI), scattering artifact suppression (no cross-talk from radiation outside the ROI), image quality improvement (with the novel reconstruction approach), large object handling (measurement can be truncated in any direction), and ultrafast imaging performance (with multiple source detector chains tightly integrated targeting the ROI).

CT scanners, Cardiac, Region of interest (ROI)
Wang, G., Ritman, E., Ye, Y., Katsevich, A., Yu, H., Cao, G., & Zhou, O. (2010). Development and Applications of Interior Tomography - Multi-Source Interior Tomography for Ultrafast Performance. Poster. Retrieved from