Speed Management Countermeasures: Gaps and Opportunities


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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


The number of speeding-related crashes continues to be a major concern on U.S. highways, with 29% of roadway fatalities determined to be due to speeding (National Center for Statistics and Analysis, 2022). To reduce the number of fatalities and move towards a goal of zero roadway deaths, it is important to understand the risks and factors that lead to speeding behaviors as well as to evaluate currently deployed speeding countermeasures. In order to determine the state of speeding countermeasures, a highly targeted literature review was focused on published documentation from national agencies and the peer-reviewed literature. These specific sources were chosen to rely solely on the highest quality countermeasure information currently available. Using these sources, a gap analysis was then completed based on statements and postulations within the noted literature. Additionally, the research team engaged in a brainstorming session to determine additional gaps and potential opportunities for improved countermeasure implementation not yet represented in the formal literature. Finally, the research team also collected information on several speeding campaigns and initiatives currently in place. In order to better organize the findings, they were grouped by domain. Such groups include advanced technologies, education and outreach, enforcement, engineering, and other. Overall, the review of documentation on speeding countermeasures revealed a large number of gaps and opportunities in the current knowledge space. One benefit of housing so many in a single location is to aid in the process of hypothesis generation. This collection may prove useful in guiding or eliciting future ideas.



transportation safety, speeding, driver behavior