Adaptation to climate change in forest management


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Kamloops, BC: FORREX-Forest Research Extension Partnership


Adaptation in forestry is sustainable forest management that includes a climate change focus. Climate change over the next 100 years is expected to have significant impacts on forest ecosystems. The forestry community needs to evaluate the long-term effects of climate change on forests and determine what the community might do now and in the future to respond to this threat. Management can influence the timing and direction of forest adaptation at selected locations, but in many situations society will have to adjust to however forests adapt. Adapting to climate change in the face of the uncertain timing of impacts means we must have a suite of readily available options. A high priority will be coping with and adapting to forest disturbance while maintaining the genetic diversity and resilience of forest ecosystems. A framework for facilitating adaptation in forestry is discussed and a review of adaptive actions presented.



Research planning, Ecosystem, Planning, Program planning, Environmental impacts, Forest management, Best management practices, Forest ecosystems, Conservation planning, Sustainable forestry, Conservation, National planning, Forestry, Resource management tools, Natural resource management, Climate change, Sustainable forest management, Adaptation, Ecosystem


BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 4(1): 1-11