Waldo Canyon Fire


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The Waldo Canyon fire was the most destructive wildfire in Colorado history (until the Black Forest Fire in 2013). The fire torched more than 340 houses and claimed at least two lives. It started on June 23, 2012 while the biggest spread of the fire occurred on June 26, 2012 when the meteorological conditions for fire risk peaked. The fire was 100% contained on July 10, 2012. Research Questions: How did this fire happen? What were the Meteorological and Climatological conditions before the fire started and also during the fire? How did it spread? What was the vegetation factor in the cause of this fire? Techniques: Using GIS and Remote Sensing data collected from GLOVIS and NOAA websites with information of the wildfires to analyze the physical geography and the vegetation to calculate the risk and analyze the spread of the fire. In addition, data from satellite imagery will help investigate these wildfires along with other supporting images from LANSAT, Aerial Photographs, and thermal imagery. A big component of any fire is how dry and windy the area was. Data from the National Weather Service and other weather websites will be necessary to gather the resources to study the Meteorological and Climatological conditions leading up to this event.



Waldo canyon fire, Forest fires, Vegetation factor, Environmental mapping