News Event Website


This report gives a detailed overview of the archiving services developed by the News Event Detection Website Group in the Virginia Tech Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access capstone. Our group developed a framework to help facilitate the collection of large amount of news data for the project client, Mohamed Magdy Gharib Farag. The paper begins by giving the reader an overview of the project background and the importance of our final product. Following the overview are several sections on the design stages of our product. These sections include our system overview and architecture. Then we discuss the data, component, and interface design procedures that took place. The paper then covers the developmental stages of the project. We discuss our implementation and prototyping plan as well as the testing procedures and results we used on the product. Next the paper will instruct how the user is to conduct a query through our web interface. Following the user manual is a developer’s manual documenting in full detail the tools and procedures used to create our product. These tools include PHP, Apache, and Flask. This developer manual will assist any individual looking to analyze the product or make future modifications. Finally, the paper addresses the lessons the group has learned while working on this project. This includes some of the challenges that were faced, solutions to those challenges, as well as future changes that could be made.


This contains the written report that documents the project details, the PowerPoint presenting the final product, the various programming files used to implement the final product, and the editable report file.


News Archiving Automation, Hypertext, News Event Detection Website, News Website, News Archive