A food systems approach to increase dietary zinc intake in Bangladesh based on an analysis of diet, rice production and processing

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CAB International and FAO


The nutritional status of humans is dependent on a variety of factors including production, processing, and preparation of staples crops. This study examples zinc content of rice at these different stages between production and consumption in rice producing communities in four districts n Bangladesh. In order to determine intervention points, a cross-sectional observational study of common practices as well as dietary assessments of children were carried out. Results of this study indicate that total dietary zinc for children in these communities could increase by 64 percent through increases in soil zinc content, adjustments to milling, changes in cooking, and growing different varieties. The authors conclude that this information will be most effective as part of an integrated, community-based intervention for ameliorating multiple nutrient deficiencies.


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Food strategy, Food consumption, Malnutrition, Health impacts, Food systems, Zinc, Rice, Oryza sativa, Food processing, Diet surveys, Food-based approaches, Bangladesh, Watershed