A rapid response software modification process for SLBM targeting software

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Virginia Tech


The need for a faster, streamlined process for the modification of SLBM targeting software without sacrificing product reliability was identified. Both error correction and changes in software requirements were considered in the design of this process.

Criteria for the design and use of the rapid response software development process were based on the magnitude, time sensitivity, and importance to strategic targeting of the modifications requested. Other concepts addressed included configuration management, customer service, teamwork, empowerment, and process improvement. The process contains four distinct paths based on the time sensitivity and size of the changes requested.

A discussion of the design of the four paths, including use criteria, total process time, work breakdown, and cost is presented. It is accompanied by a hypothetical example of a software change request and its journey through the process.

It was concluded that modifications to the process could be made to further reduce its duration and expand its applicability.



targeting, software, SLMV, strategic, development