Forest Establishment III, Christmas Tree Planting


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Virginia Cooperative Extension Service


This project sets you up in a small business that will start returning income or money when you are in high school or possibly after graduation. At that time it may provide the extra cash for setting up a bigger business or meeting your higher educational expenses. The task of growing Christmas trees needs more time and work than is usually realized.

If seedlings are poorly planted many will die; and if not cared for, less than 10% will be worth cutting as Christmas trees. The project's objective is to outline the basic steps you should follow in establishing a Christmas tree plantation and a small business.

The project may be taken by any 4-H club boy or girl who obtains permission to make plantings on his parents' or other nearby land. Also, it may be conducted as a 4-H club fund-raising project. Along with this project you may take Forest Management I - "Plantation Care", which could begin the spring the tree seed lings are planted.