An Empirical Analysis of Intentions to Cocreate Value in Hotels Using Mobile Devices [Summary]

dc.contributor.authorKamruzzaman, Mden
dc.description.abstractThis research provides a detailed insight into interest cocreation in hotels and indicates that cocreation is focused on the expectations of personality and is guided by other beliefs and understandings. By using virtual reality, location-based services, encouraging user-generated content, tourist consumption can become more interactive and higher in value. A variety of managerial implications to promote and build on value-creation are presented by this study to hotel decision makers. Firstly validating trust, personalizing and custom creativity as critical contexts for guest engagement may provide insight into new hotel strategies that can bring greater benefit to all stakeholders. To be more specific, hotels that concentrate on their creative visitors, who may use smartphone checkout / checkout devices, and who use electronic tools on the property extensively based on information available from their property management and other systems (e.g., Wi-Fi networks, sales outlets). Secondly, hotels can enhance broad participation by designing more points of interaction with their guests. This will allow guests to solve their own issues and design their own experiences. Thirdly, hotel decision makers can depend on the mobile environment to promote interactions between the guests and staffs that would encourage cocreation in the context of m-commerce. Fourthly, this research discusses the role of customization in hotel use of mobile devices. Of example, hotels can digitize, unbundle and use a range of marketing techniques in all facets of the hotel facilities. In addition, hotels can further expand their mobile apps to provide customization across the broader horizontal travel.en
dc.publisherVirginia Techen
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 Internationalen
dc.subjectservice-dominant logicen
dc.subjectvalue cocreationen
dc.titleAn Empirical Analysis of Intentions to Cocreate Value in Hotels Using Mobile Devices [Summary]en


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