Effect of temperature and percent cold work on the mechanical properties of aluminum alloy 3104

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Virginia Tech

The effect of fourth pass cold reduction and final anneal temperature were investigated for aluminum alloy 3104. The material was received at 0.019" (82% reduction) and further reduced to: 84%, 86%, 88%, and 89%. The material was then heated for 2 hours between 85°C and 160°C.

Samples were uniaxially tensile tested at 0.0167 per second for yield strength, ultimate strength, and total percent elongation. Samples showed an increase in ductility with increasing temperature. This is believed to be the result of recovery. Prior processing limited the possibility that age hardening effects would occur. No age hardening was found. TEM micrographs showed no evidence for the presence of GP zones or the S' Al₂CuMg metastable phase.