The New River Grant Trail: From 5ML to 5 Liters

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New River Symposium

This presentation is designed to show the connection between native habitat restoration and the funding that is necessary to make the projects happen. The BASS Nation of Virginia with a partnership between Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries all supported the application to get a small grant to pay for the first step in the program. Thanks to some quick team building we were able to save the project and move to the next step. We needed to continue but we needed more money.

We added two more grants to the project and moved from Henry County to Pulaski County High School and closer to Claytor Lake. We continued to add to our information data base. We were able to find another grant to continue. This allowed us to move the project to Virginia Tech where our hard work finally started to gain some added traction. Enter Dr. Sara Sweeten who took a real interest in the native plants and made suggestions to really grow the project. With our current grant we were able to fund further expansion of the program.