Forest Management Plan, Virginia Tech Stadium Woods, 5/3/2013

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The 2013 Forest Management Plan, Virginia Tech Stadium Woods written by Virginia Tech students consists of a forest stand assessment that analyzes the vegetation, species composition, species distribution, and diameter distribution of the Stadium Woods old-growth forest remnant. The analyses of this technical report include biomass calculations, carbon content, and soils within Stadium Woods. The Stadium Woods remnant was a topic of concern after a plans were announced to build an Indoor Athletics Practice Facility with in the forest remnant. Stakeholders are identified and described and management recommendations are presented. A brief history of the Stadium Woods forest is also described.

Stadium Woods Assessment Findings, Forest Composition, Stadium Woods Recommendations, Stadium Woods History, Virginia Tech Growth Forest, Stadium Woods Vegetation Inventory, Stadium Woods Species Distribution, Stadium Woods Tree Diameter Class Distribution, Stadium Woods Biomass, Stadium Woods Regeneration Analysis, Stadium Woods Invasive Species, Virginia Tech