How integrating a shipboard radar system to a[n] electronic warfare system can help defeat anti-ship missile attacks

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Virginia Tech

The goal of this work to quantify the benefits integrating a shipboard radar system with the ship's electronic warfare (EW) system terms of increased effectiveness of chaff decoys against sea skimmimg missiles. Present shipboard EW and radar systems have been developed independently because of the functions or tasks they serve. By interfacing the two systems, chaff could now be launched based on radar data as well as based on Electronic Support Measures (ESM) data, resulting in increased ship survivability.

This project and report first addresses a need (section II) for a more adequate defense system against sea skimming missiles. Interfacing the EW and radar systems is suggested as a way to increase ship survivability. A dynamic, closed loop software model which includes the ship, missile, chaff, radar, and ESM sensors was developed to test this hypothesis. A description of this model is presented in section III. Results of the analysis is presented in section IV and concluding remarks are in section V.